Saturday, March 21, 2009

Spring Break

It's sad to say that the most exciting part of Spring Break 2009 was lunch at McDonalds, taking pictures in the bluebonnets, going to Maggie Moo's and then getting to buy a book from the book store, followed by coming home to watch the Aggies play UConn. Sad, but true. I am going to do the bluebonnet shoot again this evening. Although it was an overcast day, it was still to bright for my fair haired, blue eyed babies, so we had an overage of squinting... will post those soon!

Sunday, March 8, 2009


Today was our elementary school carnival. There was A LOT going on today, including the last Aggie basketball game of the regular season... ! Grace and I (along with our neighbor Bethany) headed out to the carnival at 11. Andrew had a soccer game at 12, so Stacey and the boys went to the ballpark before meeting us at the carnival around 1:20. The auction part of the carnival was also at noon. I had to be there because our grade level was auctioning off a ceramic beverage tub (I think it went for about $350) AND the plate I made for Grace's kindergarten class was also being auction (side note: My sweet, sweet step-dad bid and won our plate and gave it to us, so we now have it proudly hanging in our breakfast room!) We had lots of fun and I took hundreds of pictures. I have more of Grace, because she was there longer and Lucas because once he got there, he was with me mostly.... There are so many great pics I can't post because they are of other people's children.... I'll give you what I can.... I am taking a photography class, so I am getting better with my camera.... I have a few artsy shots I'll try to post soon!

Ryan, after playing with his friends in the Water Wars game (essentially people paid 5 tickets to throw water balloons at my son and his friends.)
Andrew, just finishing some crazy game where he was in an inflatable pit with inflatable weapons attacking his friends.... weird kids!

GG being cheesy.
Lucas being a vampire.

Lucas in a bouncy house thing....
Lucas sliding down a bouncy slide...

Grace making a sand candy creation.

GG very excited about an annoying whistle she won..... hmmm, I wonder where that ended up *trash* cough, cough
I love this pic of her though :)