Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lucas is 3

I spent my 20's having babies. I had four, to be exact. If I wasn't pregnant, I was recovering from pregnancy, nursing, or trying to become pregnant. Little Lucas Trant Stagg was the last of our miracles. Today, he is three and I am trying to remember where the years have gone... it seems like only yesterday, I was sitting at the bar, eating Cookies & Cream ice cream with my friend Afshan. She was staying overnight so that Stacey and I could leave at 6:00am to have our final baby... three years ago today.

Here is Lu blowing out the candles.
Eating cake and wiping his hands.
My friend Katie, with her baby Ellie.Katie's other daughter, Addie.
The kids watching Lucas open gifts.
It was a long night.. even for a big ol' 3 year old.


Sara said...

Awwww - love the last one. Happy Birthday, Lucas!!

Sara Blackburn White said...

So cute! Happy Birthday Lucas!
Hopefully on our next visit we can get the kiddos together. My Dad is dying for Jack to meet all of your kiddos and your Dad Jack;)

The Mama said...

You've been tagged!